Water2050 provide Water Stewardship Consultancy

Our services include: 

What is the Alliance for Water Stewardship?

The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard is a robust and comprehensive framework that enables organisations to completely understand their environmental impact related to water usage. 

To find out our online water stewardship training courses go to Water Stewardship Courses.

How can we help your organisation become certified against the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard?

We can help you understand the gaps between your current policies, strategy, and business-as-usual approach for water management with that of the Alliance for Water Stewardship standard requirements. From this gap analysis we provide strategy and guidance on how your organisation can achieve the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard. These are some of the benefits of engaging Water2050: 

  • We are highly conversant in understanding and applying the AWS criterion and requirements 
  • We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of water stewardship 
  • We are passionate and dedicated to protecting water as a precious natural resource 

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Consultancy Services

Water2050 has an extensive background in sustainable water management in the built environment. Our services include: Water metering and monitoring; water meter data analysis; desk top research on the water sector;evaluating innovative technologies and systems, and sustainable urban water drainage systems.

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