Consultancy service

Water2050 consultancy

Water2050 provide research and consultancy in the following subjects, please contact us if you are interested in: 

  • Developing a sustainable water management strategy 
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage design for developments 
  • Aiming to reduce operational water demand 
  • Undertaking research on new technology and systems related to water demand in buildings 
  • Grant funding applications for the water sector

Research and technical support

We provide research and technical support for matters related to water demand and consumption at both building and catchment level. 

 Research, data collection, and analysis is critical to understanding how much, and where water is used in an organisation. We provide qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, including: 

  • Water Mass-Balance assessments 
  • AMR and flow meter measurement and monitoring 
  • Undertaking focus groups, semi-structured interviews, and online surveys 
  • Statistical analysis

Previous Projects

  • South East Water: Data analysis and Interpretation of indicators of vulnerability for South East Water Customers as part of PR19 business plan 
  • Water Wise: Horizon Scanning for potential drivers of vulnerability and identification of technical solutions 
  • Arup: Literature review of types and applications of water simulation models 
  • BRE: Lead author of the water section of BREEAM Infrastructure 
  • Campbel Reith Hill: Water Sensitive Design of Witney and Abingdon (Oxfordshire) college 
  • BRE: Contributed to the water section of M&S Plan A 
  • Weber Consulting: Complete civil design of a 4 luxury sub-developments projects (roads, pipes, pumps and building platform) in Central Otago, New Zealand.