Gap analysis

Gap analysis to see how close your organisation to achieving Water Stewardship Certification

Achieving Alliance for Water Stewardship certification is an evidence based statement of your organisations commitment to protecting our most precious natural resource. Stakeholders will know that your organisation is one that they want to work with, be supplied by, and helps validate to stakeholders that the organisation is actively reducing adverse environment impact. 

In this gap-analysis service we help you understand and relate how your current systems and processes link to the criterion of Alliance for Water Stewardship. We work with you to translate the AWS requirements into your existing way of working. Many clients are surprised to learn how close they already are to achieving the standard. The output of the gap analysis is a report providing comprehensive guidance on additional work and refinements to achieving the AWS standard. Organisations can self-certify their site against the standard without the need involving a certification body. This approach is ideal for organisations that want the benefits of using the AWS standard but not yet ready to commit the maintaining the standard and receiving regular audits, similar to ISO standards. We can help your organisation become self-certified and help optimise your sustainable water management strategy. 

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